Wingsail & Rotary Sailing
Investigations and testing - by Peter Worsley

In the pages you will find details of two separate strands of research:
1. self-trimming wingsails (this page and its links).
2. boats powered directly by wind-turbines (windmill boats) go here

Auto Wingsail fitted to a small cruising yacht

The non-electronic automatic wingsail control system I have developed has been
taken up by others, and is in development - both in Sweden and the United States.
For further information go here.

How does it work?

Explanations and videos of  wingsail experiments - Models and Fullsize


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Model test proves self-trimming
wingsail can sail directly into the wind
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Developmental manual system.
Latest Automatic System.
Video of testing.

Pulleycord control system


Automatic wingsail control system.
Removes all the complication and difficulty of sailing.

The "Windthrusters" concept
- Simple self-contained thrust units which can
be fitted to any boat to provide wind propulsion go here

Self-trimming Wingsails
Why are they different the wingsail system used in the Americas cup?
To find out click here.

Another view of how it works

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1st Wingsail model 2nd Wingsail model Fullsize Boat Electric Power What are Wingsails? Contact

Development story

Construction Method Windthrusters Rotary Sailing

Development story

How do wingsails work? What are they good for? Click here to find out.

Click here for the story of how my wingsail systems were developed

Windmill boats?  Click here

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