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In the late 90s/early 2000s my interest was in developing boats that can sail directly into the wind.
To some, this seems impossible, and they find it hard to accept that it is possible to overcome the wind using the force of the wind itself. (click here) for some objections raised on various newsgroups.

This technology has further implications also, it can allow a boat, or a buoy, to remain stationary in the water, unsecured, no matter how hard the wind blows without using any fuel.

Using this system, anything on the water cannot be "blown" anywhere (for example into a "lee" shore).
It works 24 hours a day with zero fuel used and zero emissions.
In the light of the recent concerns about climate change and in the situation that shipping contributes more carbon to the atmosphere than aircraft, there should be some role for a windpower system that allows sailing on all points of the compass.

Due to the concern now about climate change. The Rotary Sailing system is very suitable as a wind-assist system for both small and large ships. It offers the ability to gain windpower from headwinds, which is a feature which other systems - for example wingsails, Flettner rotors and Ventifoils do not have.
I am based in Norwich UK, near the Norfolk Broads.

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