Peter Worsley  - Wingsail Experiments - Latest Automatic System


On Barton Broad (Norfolk UK) testing auto mechanical system

The boat is now fitted with automatic control system which permits single lever control.
I have now been granted a UK patent for this system which controls the tail using a sliding
circular cam. It adjusts the wing to the correct angle at all times based upon what direction
the boat is heading in relation to the wind.

I developed a system to do this easily, using pulleys and string, which I tested on my radio controlled models -
 (go here for video - but don't forget to come back!).
But the big step forward was the introduction
of the sliding cam simple mechanism which allowed the sailor to turn off and on and indeed adjust
the power of the sail at any time from "neutral" to full power in either forward or reverse.
Safety is assured because the sailor can always neutralise the sail angle .
You only have to steer the boat and the sail
completely automatically just like a throttle control.

Video of how it works

As fitted to the boat
This is a complete "Windthruster" unit and can be lifted off and fitted to any boat

Close up of  "Throttle Control"
Push forward to go forward - pull back for reverse.
No other sailing control is necessary


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